Thursday, February 17, 2011

Praise Reports and Prayer Requests

  • A dear friend of mine is a Youth Minister at a church in our home state. He will be sending us his church's old Children Church curriculum from the past two years! I needed Wednesday night materials for the children.
  • I got a phone call from two members on Valentine's Day just to check in on me. How sweet! Maybe they are warming up a bit to me?
  • I may be starting a quilting class with another member of the church. I will learn basic skills, fellowship and get out of the house for a bit. Gonna kick cabin fever to the curb!
  • The children's fevers are gone. They still have the coughing and runny nose but no more fevers!
Prayer Request!
  • Continue to pray for our church. Repentance needs to take place as well as forgiveness. Pray the Lord starts moving in the hearts of His people.
  • Pray for a Women's Bible Study I will be leading soon. Pray that I find the right materials and that women will come and be fed. I will be leading the study out of my home. Pray for guidance and direction. Pray for spiritual growth in the community.
  • Pray that I will have opportunities to lead people to Christ. Pray that God places people in my path to witness to.
  • Pray for our health. Hubby needs to stay strong and healthy. My dear daughter needs to keep her cholesterol under check and keep her triglycerides low. My dear sons need to get over their cough and sinus drainage. I need to get more sleep, eat healthier and workout to keep my fibromyalgia pains away.
  • Pray that God moves at our church in a might way! Pray that people will come back to their first love.
Salvation Requests

  • Spencer and Kiera Garland
  • Heather White, Tim, Dalton, Madeline and Greta
  • Meaghan Kane, Chris Kane, Kristen Kane
  • Scotty Harrison
  • Julie Conn

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