Saturday, March 5, 2011

God Works Through Us!

I am “created in Christ Jesus unto good works” (Eph 2:10).  I have a purpose! I have been created so God can do a mighty work through me. I can hardly believe it!
There are many “works” that the Bible addresses but one “works” tell me why I was created. Some of these other works include: works of the law ( which cannot save, Gal 2:16, 3:11), works of the flesh (Gal 5:19-21), works of darkness (Romans 13:12, Eph 5:11), dead works (Heb 6:1) and the works of righteousness (Titus 3:5) that sinners try to do as a means to gain favor from God and receive salvation.
The “works” Paul writes about in Ephesians have two special characteristics about them. To begin with, they are called “good”.
“The believer has God working in him, and therefore his works are good.” Wiersbe, Be Rich!
My works are not good because I am good.  They are good because He is working through me despite my failures and my faults. In other words, my works are good in spite of me. Praise the LORD!
My good works are also testimonies to those that do not know Christ. Christ is being revealed to them through my works because they are being shown the Father’s love for them.
The second characteristics about works is they are “ordained” (Eph 2: 10). This means that God has a plan and a purpose for my life just as He has a plan for every believer’s life. God wants every believer to walk in His will and fulfill His plan.
After reading this text of Scripture these past few days I have to ask myself where I stand. Am I wearing the “graveclothes” or the “graceclothes”? Am I enjoying the freedom I have in Christ or am I still bound by the habits of the old life in the graveyard of sin? Am I practicing my position in Christ? Do I live my life as if I am seated in the heavenlies with Christ?  Am I allowing God to work in me and through me?
What about you?
Dear Jesus, Thank You for Your wonderful grace and mercy. Thank you for ordaining good works for me beforehand. Thank you for dying on the cross so I can get rid of my graveclothes and put on my graceclothes. I would want it know other way. Show me each and every day what Your will for me is and may I be obedient and walk in Your will for my life. O Lord, do a mighty work in and through me!

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