Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Reading: Slave by John MacAuthur

I'm only into the first chapter but this is an awesome book so far and I look forward to diving into it more tonight. Things I have learned thus far:
  • "Servants are hired, slaves are owned. Servants have an element of freedom in choosing whom they work for and what they do. The idea of servant hood maintains some level of self-autonomy and personal rights. Slaves on the other hand, have no freedom, autonomy, or rights.In the Greco-Roman world, slaves were considered property, to the point that in the eyes of the law they were regarded as things rather than persons. To be someones slave was to be his possession, bound to obey his will without hesitation or argument."

  • The word slave (doulas in Greek) appears 124 times in the original text. It is only correctly translated once in the King James. Most of our modern translations do only slightly better.

  • " As one historian explained about the early martyrs, " They (would reply) to all questionings about them (with) the short but comprehensive answer, "I am Christian." Again and again they caused no little perplexity to their judges by the pertinacity with which they adhered to this brief profession of faith. The question was repeated, "Who are you?" and they replied, "I have already said that I am a Christian;and he who says that has thereby named his country, his family, his profession , and all things else beside."
Wow! I love that last statement! I cannot wait to read more of this book! Be encouraged and be fed! Open the book up for yourself!

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